Total Conquest Mod APK Latest Version v 2.1.5a (Unlimited Money)

Total Conquest Mod APK Latest Version V2.1.5a (Unlimited Money)

Total Conquest  APK: Total conquest mod APK is a policy-based game where you can fabricate your province. Several enemies attacked your provinces and for the cover and security of your peoples in the provinces, you required an army to battle with the enemies. The Total conquest mod APK is full of gestures. The gameplay of the game is distinctive. The total conquest mod APK is admired by millions of users due to some interesting gameplay and facts. The Total conquest is played with the policy. More facts about the game you can realize in the article. Stay reading the article.

Total Conquest Mod APK Game Overview:

In the Total conquest, you are a leader of the provinces. You have to presume all the facilities to your people. Construct building roads and all the needs of people. For the province’s security, you need to build an army that is helpful to you against the enemies. With the progress in the game new and exciting characters are accessible to you. And also you are going to face several powerful and threatening enemies. People from everywhere in the world liked to play policy and gesture games. Total conquest mod APK occupies all the requirements. You can play this fascinating game Total conquest offline as well as online. In online games, you can please the restricted facts.

In the Total conquest, the peoples of your province are in the charge of you. During brawls with different enemies, you shield people. Train your army and also improved their fighting skills. Moreover, give upgraded weapons to your army for the brawl.

In the Total conquest mod APK, different occupations and events are presumed to you. Outright the occupations and obtain rewards and prizes. Enter the game and up your level and face the strong enemies. At a high level, you love the gesture of the game Total conquest mod APK.

You have to play this game with your like people. Add several friends from everywhere in the world. The facts of the game are explained to you in a brief explanation. Moreover, the procedure of the game downloading is also explained to you. Now the facts or features of the game Total conquest mod APK are explained to you in the article below.

Facts of the Total conquest mod APK:

The facts or features of the Total conquest are splendid. In the game, you can build a province and also require an army for the security of your province. The new character is accessible to you in the game. You can free up or unlock the characters that increase the gesture of the game. Also, upgrade your weapons. With upgraded weapons easy to defeat strong enemies. Play more of the game and up your level high and also adore the gesture by applying new skills. Further, the facts or features of the game Total conquest mod APK are explained to you blew. Also, check the facts of Rucoy Online Mod APK

Enhance province:

In the Total conquest, you are a leader or in charge of a province. You need to build and get all the facilities to the province and also need to defend the peoples of your province from several threatening enemies. You need to build various buildings, roads, and all the other defensive materials of your province. Because with progress in the game you need to secure your province from the enemies that want to attack you.

Build an army:

As mentioned above that for the province’s defense you need an army. To build your army in your province. Train your army and spin into a pro. Giving the weapons and brawling with enemies. This game Total conquest is going to be full of gestures. Enjoy it with your like people.

Myth challenge battles:

With spending more time playing the game you have to brawl with several enemies. Besides you can also attack the opponent’s provinces and defeat the opponents and take control of the opponents or enemy’s provinces. So take part in myth challenges battles. And adore the gesture of the game Total conquest. Charming in the myth challenge battles you can able to increase the province area. Challenge several enemies in myth challenge battles from players everywhere in the world. And adore the gesture of the myth challenge battles.

Achieved tasks and missions get unlimited money:

In Total conquest, you are presumed task and mission every day. After achieving these tasks and missions you obtain various rewards and also earn unlimited money. So play the game daily able to achieve the tasks and missions. As result obtain unlimited money that helps you to unlock or free up various characters of the game. You can also win prizes for achieving the task and mission presumed to you in the game. So you adore various characters after free up with the help of money or gold.

Improved or upgrade weapons:

As mentioned above you can obtain or earn unlimited money or gold from various tasks presumed you in the game. With the help of money or gold, you improved or upgrade various weapons for your army. The improved or upgraded weapons are helpful during the fight or brawl against strong enemies. And also helpful in the defense of your province.

Play online:

The game Total conquest can be played online and also you can play the Total conquest offline. But in the offline game restricted facts accessible to you. In the online game, you can obtain all the facts and characters. Moreover, you can play with your like people from everywhere in the world. So adore the game with your friends.

Improved your rank:

The interesting game is amazing. in the game, you can improve your rank by winning more games or challenges against your opponents. For this, you need to spend more time in the game and play the game defensively and improve your rank. This game ranks the players from different parts of the world. To remain the top-ranked player of the game.

Up your level:

In the game Total conquest increased your level the game. As a starter of the game, you can level start from 1. Spend and play more time and up your level. At a high level, you can fight with powerful enemies. That increases the gesture of the game Total conquest mod APK.

Daring graphics:

The graphics of the game are daring. You are going to adore the game in 3D graphics. All the characters and weapons skin are superb in the game. You can adore the game’s 3D graphics. The map of the game looks clear. Play the Total conquest with your like people in 3D graphics.

How to Install and Download the Total conquest mod APK for Android/ window/ PC/ iPhone/ iPad devices:

For the downloading procedure of the Total conquest mod APK, you need to observe the patrons the instructions given blew.

  • You can download the game Total conquest mod APK on your device from the link below. The link to the game is also presumed to you by associated websites of the game.
  • Permitting the unknown sources from the setting of your device.
  • Install the game Total conquest by clicking the button install.
  • After a few seconds, the game Total conquest is inaugurated on your device.
  • Adore all the features or facts of the game and sustain the game.

Frequently Asked Question: 

How to get unlimited money in the game Total conquest?

For unlimited money and gold, you need to complete the tasks and missions presumed to you in the game Total conquest. You can also earn money by up your level.

Is the game secured?

The game Total conquest is fully secured. You have no worries about the data because this game is completely secured. The game organizers take care of the paperwork of the game. so adore the game facts playing the game.

Is the gameplay offline?

The game Total Conquest is supported both offline and online. The offline game gives you restricted facts. So better play the online game and adore the facts and also play with your friends.

Final Result: 

The facts of the game Total conquest are exciting. And in the object, you can know about the game. All the detail of the game informed you in the object. So download the game and defend your province with your army. With all the weapons improved and adore the gesture of the game. Any objection about the game informs us through a comment in the comment session. If you love the game slice the game with your friends on various networks of social media.

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