Virtual Phone Numbers Mod APK (Free purchase) for Android

Zeyi revolutionizes the way of communicating, you can benefit from 4 international numbers without changing your Sim card.
Zeyi offers virtual numbers for France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

The main features of Zeyi:
• Use up to 4 international numbers.
• Call and send SMS to over 200 destinations at low prices.
• Receive free calls and SMS wherever you are.
• Transfer your mobile credits to your loved ones.
• Use a separate voice message as needed.
• Communicate for free with the Zeyi community.

The main uses of Zeyi:
• For your Business use an international number to give yourself a local identity in France, the United States, England and Canada.
• Use your virtual number to buy on e-business sites
• Use a second line for your professional life.
• Manage your second line as you wish: deactivate your to avoid harmful calls.
• Transfer your mobile credits to your family.
• Use a second number for your instant messaging.
• Manage your mobile identity (private life – professional life – e-commerce site – dating site).
Find all the information on :
WhatsApp: +44 7888 881429
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Zeyi

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